Is this idea too out there?.

Business is doing well, our publicity has been mouth to mouth and Facebook. We’re the only restaurant that makes Chicago Style Pizza (Stuffed, Deep Dish and Thin Crust) in my city and in my home state. The response has been very positive. Started with two employees, now I have 4, introducing chicken wings, mozarella sticks and salads has been a real plus and I’m super stoke and grateful for the things I have learned in this forum.

Competion is as usual with the big chains (Is just a matter of speaking, there’s no competion really, not yet…) and independently owned shops. And everyone just smothers the public with all this promos, and since I’m fan of simplicity I was thinking of just offering a 10% discount on everything mondays and tuesdays and 10% off when dining in our patio from Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Thoughts?. I did the math and everything checks out.

Thank you so much for everything.


I think its a great idea, I love percents they’re just so fair to everyone- the more they buy the more they save-simple.

Make sure your system takes the discount before tax otherwise your discounting the tax portion also

sounds great, get the people in on slow nights that are looking to spend less, when it’s busy people will be spending more,Adrian, try this out, it has been a lot of fun ,buy an ice cream maker on ebay 30.00 free ship,( now have 2) makes 5 quarts, tons of receipe on internet, minimal work, great for creativity, sell 2.95 a scoop, current flavors, vanilla bean, butter pecan, coffee heath bar, great conversation piece to get to know your customers, people will talk about your place, when i get a grumpy customer or mistake, i give them a surprise 2 oz ranch cup with some butter pecan and talk ice cream with them, they leave happy and well taken care of and it costs me .25 ! And they come back for more with friends ! i absolutely love giving away free surprise samples, i wait tables and is great for tips,record night for me serving is 29 scoops,high profit item and FUN, need any help or receipes leave me a message

Sounds great!