Is this just another one of my crazy ideas or will it work?

As I was looking at Google Earth the other day I happened to look at the photos at street level. You will never guess what I saw. There was my little Japanese delivery van in all its glory. That got me thinking about how to use the van more for advertising.

The idea is to do a contest where I get people to email me photos of my delivery van when they spot it around town. Everyone who submits a photo will get some sort of free item (breadsticks or what ever). Once a week the best shot of the week would get a free pizza.

The pictures would have to be emailed (this would give me a database of addresses to use) and the pictures would be placed on my facebook page. Maybe have my fans vote on which is the best.

Why not adda special section of photos in their street showing your van from above?
Get sign writing on the top to highlight the van from above.
It would be great just in case any hungry aliens swoop over. They will know where to go. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry just gearing up for an opening order tonight of 26 large pizzas to start off my 14 days straight while my daughter / manager is on holidays :?


Other places have done this before because it is a good idea.

A spin on this: Sell bumper stickers and/or t-shirts. If you see someone running around town with one on, and you feel inspired, go up to them and give them a coupon for a free something–breadsticks, garlic bread.

that’s an cool idea. that gives me an idea about geocaching and using facebook and twitter to promote some sweet deals randomly posted around town.

OK, here’s another one of my ridiculous off-the-wall ideas:

Why not use the van for marketing during your slow time - afternoons, maybe? A promotion with a local radio station where they do a remote at some location (car dealer, furniture store, etc., since they are not your competitor) and give away slices (and menus) from the van.

Or maybe some weekly surprise location - they announce on the air where the van will be for 30 minutes for some free slices…

I never understood why more pizza businesses don’t cooperate with non-competing business in promotions.