Is this marketing hype?

We all keep hearing about Zero Trans Fats, but I can honestly say that I have never had a single customer ask me if we have Trans Fats in our pizzas. Is it even worth pitching the fact that we don’t or is this more the media than the consumer?

I was looking at my cheese lables tonight and discovered there is .08% trans fats in the mozza and cheddar.

My take is that it is not an issue that customers are seeking out in the marketplace, but is one they will soon grow to appreciate knowing about. If I preemptively start labeling my food items as 0 tans fats (with lots of research on the legal definitions of that claim), then my customers will have a better impression of the products.

In some states or municipalities, it has and/or will become legislated requirements, so there you go.

I think it’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

I can’t imagine that many people are looking to pizza as a healthy meal - and thus aren’t going to concern themselves with the trans-fat contents of their pie.

I could be in the minority, but I’ve never puchased anything based on seeing “low fat” or some other nutritional label. In fact, my mind thinks “not as good” when I see those labels. Right or wrong.

Our thin crust pizza has 45% less carbs than our traditional pizza. I’ve thought of advertising a ‘healthy’ alternative like a one-topping thin crust pizza and a Garden Salad for $14.99.

Has anyone ever tried to market a ‘healthier’ pizza ? What kind of response did you get ?