Is this slogan ok to use

So dominos just came out with a new slogan

“You asked for better chicken, we delivered”

I was thinking about saying

“You asked for better pizza, we delivered”

Is that too close or am i safe to use it?

Others may have better slogans, We have better pizzam

At xxxxxx Pizza you will never ask for anything better!

Two things… I would say almost exact and if some Domino pencil pusher wanted to start something… you would get that nasty letter in the mail. Second thing… you can come up with something better than a Dominos take-off. :!:

You do not need to ask for “better chicken” because we have always had it!

I like that one. Keep them coming

“Friends dont let friends eat cardboard”???

“Chicken? Our Pizza Has Always Been The BEST !!”

How about this one?

That is awesome!

They asked for better pizza . . . because they couldn’t get NICK’S!!

{just sayin’)

Create your own category with its own slogan. If you choose to compare with Domino’s then in the customer’s mind whenever they want pizza their choice would be between Domino’s and yours - it’s either Domino’s pizza or Your pizza. You’re both competing for the same space within the customer’s mind.

That’s fine if you’re competing directly with Dominos in terms of price and quality.

Although, if you want to dominate your pizza market you need to create a new “category” (an inhabited space in the customer’s mind) for your pizza e.g. “The best airy pizza, guaranteed” Now you’ve created a new space (a new category) within the customer’s mind, that you can dominate.

I recommend not going head to head with any established brands like PapaJohns, Pizza Hut, Domino’s but instead establish yourself based on, say, quality; type of pizza; price; or customer service - and wrap your slogan around whatever feature you choose.

Don’t worry about competition; worry about what your customers like and design your business around it, including your slogan.

I agree with jame456
I want to add that Dominos comes out with the slogan “You asked for better chicken, we delivered” because people complained about the quality of their chicken then Dominos did one of their c*appy corporate meeting, decided to add some chemicals and artificial flavoring to their chkn and rolled out the campaign to tell the word “HI, Look we have a better chkn now”.
You see, it fits whatever they are doing. But it won’t fit what you are doing. Beside you don’t want to tell to your customers that your pizza sucked before and you are improving it now.
Find out what drives people to your store and hammer that point regardless of what the competition is doing.