is this wrong?

A little difficult to explain but imagine a building shaped like a L, the intersection of the two busiest streets in town,
they are constantly sending a teenager to the corner with a sign that says large pizza 6.99…my friend who doesn’t know much at all about permits and signage has asked about the side of her building, it faces all the traffic coming into the center of town NO ONE is using the side…a little investigating turns out that there is room for a 6ft by 15ft sign, the largest sign the city will permit and also uses all of the available space so it locks out dominoes from doing anything.
I want to approach my friend and tell her I will pay for all the fees and i will use half of the sign On my side I want a kid holding a sloppy crappy pizza saying “have you see a 6 dollar pizza lately?” or 6 dollar pizza may be considered child abuse…
any thoughts?
Here is something like a layout

Ethically, maybe its questionable??? But if its available to a first come, first serve basis might be a good move. Say good-bye to neighborly relations, however . . .

Legally, at least in our area, only the business occupying that corner space can use the side “wall”/space.

Wonder why Dominos has not taken advantage of it if it is available. I would assume then its a franchise and the guy just does not want to spend the money. Or, Dominos does all their business by telephone and not by walk-ins/drive-bys.

thats is true here as well, you have to be the tenant to apply therefore the friend will have to do her part as proposing it.
and yep the dominios does it shares of walk ins…I just hate it when he parades his people up and down main street with there cheep pizza signs, to be honest I dont think he knows he can use it…seriuosly its a huge billboard waiting to happen!

Take no prisoners and damm the torpedoes! Go for it!

Are you sure the landlord is going to allow you to do it?

In my jurisdiction, if the sign is not part of the building/property that I’m on, it’s considered an “off-premise sign” that holds a bunch of different rules.

As for the message, I’m thinking you may not want to cut down the competition. IMO, it’s just not business-wise and some people get turned off by it. I’d definitely rethink the “child abuse” message. Instead, you may want to say something like “a better pizza is just around the corner” or something to that affect.