Is your boxtopper your menu?

I have always used my menu as a boxtopper and door hanger - one does it all. My menu also has 10 full color coupons. The problem I see is that my menu is so large that I don’t have room for more of a personality menu. I am currently using a 10x11.
I want to switch to a 11x17 with coupons(very nice piece) but I can’t see giving this out like I currently do(cost).

What do you do?

I’ve got it all separate, each peice designed for a different purpose.
Trifold menu - no coupons, good to pickup while dining in, good to tuck in your kitchen drawer, etc.
Boxtopper is 8.5 x 11, and includes almost the whole menu, plus come back in coupons.
Doorhangers are doorhangers - with a doorknob slot, etc - they do NOT have the menu on them, but just ad text, phone, URL (menu is online), and First Try coupons (different than on the boxtopper)…
I also have little flyers for handing out in the neighborhood with a slice coupon too…
I know it’s a lot of printing, but I go through them all…

What kind of response do you get from these doorhangers? I have thought about doing doorhangers with the doorknob slot, but I was afraid the response would be small if it did not have the menu on it. We have our menu online, but I was just wondering if the response would be as good. Also, what kind of “First Try” coupon offer(s) do you have, if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks!

I’m like you right now…I just have an 8.5" x 11" flyer with my menu and some coupons on it that I use for boxtoppers and door to door flyers. I do have a tri-fold menu with no coupons that I have in the store and also in a self-serve box outside my store for those who don’t want to have to come in and ask for one or for those who stop by before or after hours.


I think when you are doing door hangers you need to remember you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the homeowner.

They take it off the door…see a great deal…keep it or
They take it off the door…they see all kinds of stuff hard to focus and it lands in the trash.

Think about when you are coming home. Probably have the mail, items from your car, keys, kids, wondering what to make for dinner you don’t have time to concentrate on a full blown menu.

Instead a great coupon which will be great for dinner. Easy to read, understand and use.

Just my 2 cents.

As far as boxtopping we mix them up…some are menus and some are just coupons. That way if someone orders 2 or 3 pizzas they aren’t getting duplicates. They get a menu and a coupon.


We use a half sheets with coupons and mainly our sizes for a boxtopper. It also has ingredients plus our sides, but it’s not a full menu. That way, you can get twice the amount of boxtoppers for the same price as a full sheet boxtopper.


I send a menu with every order and for the box topper I use a 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper cut into 3 as I dont need a whole shhet of paper for my offer. They already have my menu so the box topper just has a special offer on it. I think if I didnt send a menu a full sheet would be good with some or most of your menu on it so they can see what you have. I also put a expiry date on my coupon usually about 15-21 days so there is some urgency to use it.