Is Your Current Pizza Marketing Bringing Your 1500%+++ ROI?

[size=5]Is Your Current Pizza Marketing Bringing You 1500%+++ Return on Investment?[/size]

You can increase your sales, customer frequency, and loyalty with text message marketing while saving time, money and frustration.

Imagine on a Tuesday afternoon, text blasting 500 of your best customers an offer for “FREE Appetizer with Large 2-Topping Pizza Purchase.” Do you think that would increase your sales that night?

Text message marketing allows you to build a opt-in database list of customers who want to spend money with you, love your pizza shop and want to receive special discounts and offers from you.

[size=5]Did You Know?[/size]
*93% of all text messages are read within 15 minutes?
*80% of your customers carry a cell phone at all times
*58% of your customers prefer text message advertising to any other form
*20% industry average redemption rates
*22% industry average of recipients will forward the message to a friend
*Lowest cost of advertising today

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