Is your dog a sign of your intelligence/dicipline?

I ran a delivery the other day to a guy that weighed well over 300lbs of fat, not muscle. His dog was as fat as him in dog size so it got me thinking…

My neighbor is a drunk and dumb as a rock. He has a lab that can not do 1 trick. Doesn’t sit, speak or give paw- the basics

I see another dog owner that spends no time being a dad and his dog is wild

This lady walks her dog in my neighborhood, is in shape and her dog is very disciplined.

My dog sits, gives paw, lays down, crawls, speaks, rolls over, retrieves and I am a hands on dad with my son.

Is there a correlation with this???


I think you have hit on something here. Dogs do seem to be reflections of their owners. There are a lot of examples of dogs/owners around the area I live at and, for the most part, you are spot on in your assessment. Of course, there are exceptions. (sometimes you just pick the wrong dog and they are too hyper/lazy/or just happen to be a few matches short of a full book) I happen to have a highly intelligent black German Shepherd that just turned 5 and I was really lucky to pick him out of his litter. He is still a fast learn and can do high-fives, left and right paw shakes, Army crawl, speak, fetch, stand on his hind legs, sits while stuff is being hid for him to find, rolls over, can pop the door open if the lock isn’t engaged, ect. I’m sure I could get him to get me a cold one from the fridge if I taught him to but if I did that there wouldn’t ever be any food in there. :wink: I’d like to think that the way I treated him/spent time with him while he was a pup caused him to turn out this way. Dogs are awesome.

Wait a second… this really means that when you have someone go out door hanging… look for the yards with, and sorry to say it, fat kids and pets! Should increase the return on investment for the door hangers. I know that sounds horrible…but have any of you noticed that within eyesight of the door of almost all work out clubs or gyms there is an ice cream store? I am gonna make you take a look now aren’t I? :shock: Sad but it is the world we live in. Sex and ice cream sell! So use it… :twisted:

Good point. Have you ever noticed the bad tips come from these large Mcmansions and the best tips from people that have no curtains and trash in their yards?


Pizzatime…what you said is true and makes a lot of sense. People that make less do tend too tip more. Why…it is simple… they appreciate that you the delivery driver or server are working hard for your money and out there providing a service for others. Affluent people are less likely to see what is really infront of them. Personally I came from a background of middle class Chicago suburbs and my family built a lot from nothing. I am offended when people I know are “cheap” when it comes too tipping or even just being honest and paying accordingly for themselves… like splitting a check or something. This kindof hits a nerve as I was out with a bunch of people for dinner about a week ago and I arrived late…had an appitizer and a coke and we got the bill shortly after. Well… literally my total was $11.80 plus tax and the server had added in tip because of the table size. On paper I owed say… $15.00. The bill was close too $500.00. Hmm…say maybe the 6 bottles of wine that about half of them ordered did it??? Then one of the people I really do not know well…a friend of one of my buddies said…ok lets split the bill 8 ways! :shock: Normally I would not speak up or make a scene but come on. I think I have just not been in the mood too put up with idiots lately and I was like… here’s my $20… that gives her about an $8 tip on my bill! That actually then made another girl at the table think…wait… mine is about $20 also… WOW did I start the heated arguement that actually had the original guy say… well I thought we were just splitting… like the appitizers and such. Yeah cheapa$$… maybe if you didn’t personally drink 3 of those 6 bottles! Ok…I better stop as I have now ranted a couple of post… geez this off-topic thread works! Tom…you out there? I am still waiting for my ticket too the Caribbean! :stuck_out_tongue: