ISO Breakaway POS workstaion

Hi everybody. The shop I bought has an old Breakaway POS system that needs replaced. I just dont have the funding for a new POS right now and was wondering of anyone has any leads on a workstation for this dinosaur to get me by for a month or two. I had a severe crash this past week and had to hand right orders, It was a circus. Not to mention how much money was lost with misorders and wrong prices. Anyone with any information would be a great help.


Give some of the POS companies a call. I am willing to bet that they will work with you. Getting a new POS up and running is a challenge, but compared to that relic you are running now, it should pay for itself in no time.

There is FreePOS but I would think that would take more setup time than it would be worth it for a month or two. I would just use a cash register and triplicate order forms until you have the funds to buy a new system. Jeff Ward has a relatively inexpensive system with PointofSuccess. On the high end that also does online ordering, consider Firefly or Speedline.

I have a line on a new POS, Im just looking to see if somebody has an old Breakaway terminal to get me by until my new POS is installed in 4-6 weeks.

Any help, as always, is appreciated…