ISO used equipment...oven, mixer, sheeter, etc!

I’m looking to buy as much equipment used as I can, if anyone has any of these items for sale, please let me know! I’m in the middle Tenn area. Marsal Electric single phase oven (42-57" decks), 30qt mixer, 15-20" double pass dough sheeter, 5-8ft refrigerated prep table. I need everything else as well (tables/chairs, pans, smallwares, sinks, prep tables) but I am planning on buying that stuff new. I have been looking for months and just cant find good used deals. And when I do…they wont reply to my texts/emails. Very frustrating!

Marsal electric single phase oven, why not a more efficient and possibly more readily available gas oven? A 30-quart size mixer is pretty small for use in a pizzeria, a 60-quart would serve you much better with fewer potential problems down the road.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

My budget is not big enough to run gas lines or get 3 phase electric. I’ve ran the numbers for elec vs gas at different watts/btu’s and going with electric will only cost about $100 more a month than gas. A 30 qt mixer will be the perfect size for what I need.

If you change your mind about gas and decks I have a double stack of Lincolns sitting in my workshop with low miles on an MF&B rebuild. They are set up for natural gas, but the swap over on these to propane is cheap and easy if that was needed. I also have pretty much the rest of the kitchen from a small franchise shop including 2 door freezer, 2 door true prep table,3 door dough table, 60 qt mixer, work tables, shelving, dough trays etc. Most of it is old and shows it age but was all functional when we closed the shop. All of it located in beautiful Lexington SC, just an afternoon cruise in a U-Haul from Middle TN.