Issues with Alfredo Sauce

A couple years ago we added Alfredo Sauce to our menu using Kings Alfredo. In an effort to continue to make more of our sauces in house have been experimenting with making alfredo in house. While the recipe works great that day, after refrigerating it, it becomes a solid clump and does not reliquify even after hours of being left at room temperature. Does anyone have an alfredo recipe that they wouldn’t mind sharing, or thoughts on how to combat this?

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We use a traditional list of ingredients (cream, butter, grated parm, salt, pepper), but instead of reducing the Alfredo in a saucepan we use a hand mixer to whip air into it. Everything is cold save for butter which is slowly poured in melted while mixing. The goal is to get it just to the consistency of a milkshake (like the use-a-straw fake shakes at some fast food places, not the break-a-plastic-spoon thick ones like Culver’s sells). Too thin it will separate, too thick it will set up like concrete and be unspreadable once back in the refrigerator.

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We have found that after it cools, we add some milk and blend to the desired consistency. The sauce stays at that consistency until it is used up.

Infuse nestle’s ready sauce and add one heavy cream per bag… it doubles the amount.

We make it to order. Not sure you have burners but it’s pretty easy. Butter (we buy a premade garlic spread we use for our garlic bread) 1OZ, 8OZ heavy cream. Bring this to a simmer and add 2oz grated parmesan cheese till melted. Serve immediately. We are also big on all homemade sauces so making to order is the way we went for taste and marketing purposes.