Issues with Repeat Return. Need Help

At one of our locations. when a customer that is a rewards member try to order the following message will sometimes pop up
"sorry, we couldn’t find a card member using the phone number or phone numbers inputted :


“The widget wasn’t able to connect to the repeat returns web service. For the widget to work, your computer needs to be able to connect to the Repeat Returns web service”

We have internet to the station and it only happens sometimes.

I have called Revention and they basically said can’t help you as we getting rid of Repeat Returns. (but they sold us the repeat returns upgrade when we open our other location)
Was wondering if anyone else had this issues and how they fix it if they did?

I got ride of them years ago, But i had this happen before i dumped them. Basically you have to locally install the app on the computers. And it was this local app that was failing if my memory serves me.

The few times i had to trouble shoot the problem i found the only “reliable” way to get it working was to reinstall the app. Thinking back tho, i bet the problem then, as it is now, is the routing to there web service is where the app is breaking, which if that is the case. That is all on Repeat Returns and i doubt they will fix it.