It finally happened, they took ownership of their area's

I’ve been coaxing my crew for months and months to get more involved in daily operations without always expecting me to tell them what needs to be done.

It finally happened, I am overwhelmed with joy at how this crew has come together and is now self motivated.

the epiphany happened when I went into my walk-in cooler to do a quick inventory, and the floor was so clean and shiny it was almost blinding. And this was done without me needing to tell someone to do it.

My dry erase board that says “STUFF WE NEED” had items written on it that need to be ordered instead of me walking them through the storage areas and showing them what is getting low.

Now if I could just get more people like this, I wouldn’t be so anxious to have someone buy me out

So your the one who stole them all :smiley:

Yeah, right!
All 3 of them. We’ve been running about 3-4 people short this whole last year, we get people in, they either freak out with our volume and our pace, or they have no business being in a commercial kitchen. I’ve seen applicants that look good on paper, they talk a big game too. but when it comes down to it, they don’t have the most basic of knowledge and skills. Wish I had more like I have

Preach on, brother. I’m tired of people who talk the talk but can’t even crawl the walk!

Same, we ran 2 to 3 people short for over a year. Finally back up to where i should be, but i can already tell 1 isn’t going to last.

Our insane summer season is now winding down, so it is time to bring some Gyros into the mix, I am hoping I can get some more decent people in here before summer rolls over us again, if I do not have at least one other competent line cook, the Gyros will bury us.
I’ve been toying with the idea of gyros for over a year, and after vending at, and attending a motorcycle rally this weekend, and seeing a 90 minute wait with the line as long as a city block at the gyro vendors space, I have got to do them here. So much for my days of fine dining and bringing experience that into the BBQ & Pizza scene, I am now going down and dirty with short order comfort foods.
Nearest restaurant to me that does authentic gyros on a spit is a 35 mile drive, so this should be interesting.