Italforni Ovens

Hey have any of you watched the PMQ clip from NRA 2010 Chicago and gone too the Itlavforni website? Now coming from a deck oven person as I am… I was impressed with this thing. It cooks on a stone conveyor with temps up to 842 f on the gas or 932 f on the electric models. Also the pies in the video look pretty darn tasty. I know these are new and nobody will have any first-hand use as of yet…but what do you all think? Seems like a great next step in the world of pizza ovens. The company seems to have a good history with other types of ovens in Europe not too mention they specialize in kilns for ceramic and glass making so they must know how to control high temps and insulate their products well. Yes repairs and parts scares me a little as with any foreign or new product…but this looks promising. Well…look at the video and tell me what you all think! - Michael

PS…Anyone gotten their Carribean postcard from Tom yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

I shot that video and I was very impressed with the pizza!

The video showed a nice pizza but it looked very cumbersome getting the pizza off the peel and onto the stones. Not for a fast oaced operation going by the video, but a great concept none the less.
I’m going to the Australian Fine Food expo in Melbourne (Victoria) on the esat coast in mid September and this company should be represented there by the Australian agent (they are in Melbourne) so I will have at it if it is ther, if not I will visit their showroom to check it out.


They definitely need longer aprons on each end. You can’t stand there and wait for the pizza to feed half way in so you could get the whole pizza on the deck. With those longer aprons, you run a bigger risk of heat loss on the stones though.

The feed issue is a good question. WIth bake times in the 4 minute range I guess the stones would retain a good amount of heat while on the outside loop of things… but having to stand while loading a pie for 45-60 seconds or so might back things up a bit. If you are running a couple of these units with 16" pies going through… I wonder what the true max output would be per hour during the peak rush?

another company … —32.aspx
makes a similar oven, but is quite costly…$30K last I recall
definitely solves the conveyor/deck debate…lol…

I have not even seen the prices as of yet. I thought I would get sold on the product first so it would hurt a little bit less. :cry: