ItalForni TK Series TKD

Does anybody use a ItalForni TK oven? How are they? Do they break down a lot? Are the easy to work on or find someone to work on them?
We have been getting busier with our Deep Dish Chicago Style pies since we were featured on the news. Right now we have a double deck Blodget. We only serve the Deep Dish on Wednesday nights because we have to crank one of the ovens down to 400. The last few Wednesdays we have had a wait time of around one hour and 15 minutes or longer because our ovens have been full.
We have a smaller kitchen and we are thinking about adding another oven and the ItalForni TK seems to be about the size we would need and it seems like a good price.

Trent Groothuis
The Greathouse of Pizza
Casey, IL

Hi Trent:
Is there any reason you selected an electric oven?

Well basically because of the size of it, price of it, and how many pizzas it would hold. It seems on the smaller side and would hold Three 14” deep dish pies per deck and eight 10” pies per deck. It also has storage space below it on the stand. I am with limited space in a small kitchen.


The TKD, like all the ItalForni ovens, is serviceable by any CFESA technician. It’s a very simple electric oven, and parts are readily available. We haven’t had any service calls on them yet-- zero breakdowns. The TKD is the bigger brother to the TKA, being used by the Whole Foods chain nationwide, and Whole Foods has had nothing but great feedback from it. It’s a good value oven, and would be ideal for the backup duty you are looking for. Because it has the capability to run up to 840 degrees or so, you’ll see quick recoveries. I see that you’re in Illinois. We have a TK oven here in Lexington, KY for demonstration, and you’re welcome to come down and check it out for yourself.

–Ben Johnson
(859) 885-1988