italian ices??

Who sells ices and if u do how much do you pay?

noone sells ice cream or ices in store?

I do not currently. It would take another piece of equipment I do not already have, and I’m waiting for another day for that freezer or other equipment.

i used to sell ices, but i did away with them. i had no space for them.

if i recall, i used to pay like 16-20 bucks for a container depending on flavor. I Sold them for 1.50 per ice… They weren’t worth the aggravation…

I’m looking into adding pints of ice cream to our dessert menu. We have a DQ right down the road from us that is busy all the time. Even in the winter.
Delivering it to a house without it getting too ‘melty’ is going to be the trick. Especially on multi-bag deliveries.

Same here!
I’m interested in adding something (anything) cold - ices, smoothies, frozen yogurt, etc. But I don’t know that I can cover the equipment cost, so I’m stalling, and hoping to bump into a vendor that would provide the equipment to dispense their product…

im wondering if its a good idea? Please more info?

i just sell ice cream novelty stuff, pints, fudge bars, etc. got the novelty freezer from the ice cream supplier, velvet ice cream here in ohio. they supply the little ice cream freezer for the product, no charge and if it acts up they come and fix it. I sell quite a bit even with the dairy bar down the street.