its all over but the crying

it has been a long and strenuious 7 years but we are finally calling it quits as of February 7th, tax man has come and there is no money to stay open so we are gonna use up all the inventory and close after superbowl sunday got me a job and will be glad to not have to deal with all this anymore

i would like to thank all of you guys who have helped me with questions and problems i am attaching a list of stuff if interested call me 580-333-1300

my new job is a oil feild hot shot delivery driver so i may actually br able to deliver or meet you


4-4 seat tables 1 dough roller 70 glasses
100 chairs 1 ref make table 1 countertop fryer
8ft salad bar 1 3 well warmer 12 hotbags
6ft buffet warmer 1 8*14 walk in small wares
2 8ft counter 1 3 compartment sink
4 s/s tables 30qt mixer
Lincol 1600 gas 2 shelves
Lincol 1132 elec 200 plates

4-4 seat tables
100 chairs
8ft salad bar
6ft buffet warmer
2 8ft counter
4 s/s tables
Lincol 1600 gas
Lincol 1132 elec
1 dough roller
1 ref make table
1 3 well warmer
1 8*14 walk in
1 3 compartment sink
30qt mixer
2 shelves
200 plates
70 glasses
1 countertop fryer
12 hotbags
small wares

It always makes me sad when things turn out this way. I hate to see people put their heart and soul into something and not succeed.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Best of Luck with your Journey.

& one more thing: You can trust a skinny pizza man!

Live well, my brother. You gave well and generously here. I sure appreciated all you had to say. Wow . . . sad is right. If you end up with anything with your logo on it that we can buy as a remembrance of the friendship, Kim and I would love to know. that t-shirt is well worn . . . I will always trust my not-skinny pizza friend :smiley:

PLEASE tell us how we gonna stay in touch with you after you skip the Think Tank!

Dennis, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve enjoyed our chats via the TT and in Vegas as well. I very much hope you keep in touch and I hope I can call if I find myself out your direction. Please let me know if you find yourself in Florida again.

Dennis, very sorry to hear this…If you ever find yourself in Indianapolis come by, While I know its hard I bet you feel like a huge bolder has been lifted…

Good luck Dennis!

Sorry to hear you are closing but good luck in your new venture! I’m glad you have found something to fill the void. The job market is tight in alot of areas.


That’s tough…sounds like you are heading in a new direction where you can make some real money. :lol:

It has been a pleasure having ya around. Keep your chin up…good times ahead.


Sorry to hear this, you always seemed very passionate about your business. Remember that a lot of good people have had to close up their shops and not to let yourself take it as to much of a personal failure.

It may also turn out to be one of the best things that happened to you, especially if things had gotten bad enough that the tax man had to come. I seriously considered closing my shop at the end of the year, not for financial reasons, just tired of dealing with equipment, vendors, over saturated market, student employees (the ones who want a job, they just don’t want to come in to work) and the constant barrage of people wanting to sell me something or wanting something from me. Still would probably take a decent offer on my store if someone ever offered.

Dennis, I wish you and yours the very best this year and in your new job!

I’m curious. Did the Tax man actually visit you for back taxes, or was it a reference to the normal 4th qtr payments due?