It's Great to Be Back in The PMQ Think Tank after 20 years!

First off, I wish to thank Steve and Linda for getting PMQ going way back in time and then adding The Tank for all the top advice I received from “The Dough Doctor”. Tom, you perfected my pizza and bread recipes ( Ironic to me that I gained world News by not using the perfected dough. Anyone recall the “Pizza in a Bucket” daze ? Yup, that was me). Big Dave was a huge push to show what marketing worked. Today with these Market conditions, my Heart goes out that are suffering from Covid 19 whether it be health or loss of business. Tough Times for sure. I’m thinking of different business models during the changing environment that have potential. For now, I have to start from scratch. It’s challenging to go from a 60 qt to a 5 qt mixer twenty years later, but I had to get back on the horse …pizza|281x500

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