I've finally hit the BIG time!

I feel like I’m on the top of the world! I’ve scored two HUGE orders just this week. One for 123 of our big grilled chicken salads, and another for 238 of our 16" extra pepperoni hand-tossed pizzas. We have to deliver the pizzas which we’re not normally into but we’ll make the exception…the salads will be carry-out next week so it’s all profit.

All I had to do was patiently listen to the nice TTY operator as she relayed the orders, then take the buyer’s credit card information down. Both are even giving me a HUGE tip to handle such large orders…all I have to do is send them back some of the extra cash in a wire order since their cards only will handle certain levels of purchases!


I’m just praying someone will call soon to sell me some copier papers and toners now that I’ll have all that extra tip money just laying around!


I had the same order this week also… life is good…

Please tell me this is a joke?

Of course you know, this deaf assisted tty stuff is nothing more than a scam!@???!@??

Your dry wit is somewhat scary because at first reading it sounds like you went for it. I guess I don’t have a big enough internet presense because I have only had about 10 of these calls in the last couple of years.


We had 2 calls like this in the past two weeks. They wanted salads this time, instead of pizza.


I have my store phone number ported to a cell phone that forwards to a Google Voice account. Now everytime I get one of those stupid calls, I just log in and punch the block # button. I loooove it.

I picked up the sarcasm the second time.

But - just wanted to let you know that there are legit tty orders. We have a customer that orders weekly.

I do have to state that some of the tty operators are much more nice than others tho.

That ain’t nothin’. I do one of those EVERY night. If it weren’t for those orders, I don’t know what I’d do.

Sending them all that cash is the least I can do to thank them.


You need to have a little fun with these guys. Say the most outrageous stuff to them you can think of and see if you can get them to disconnect the call. I’m sure I’ve made the relay operators blush on more than one occasion with what I have asked them to relay, and I’ve had the busting out in laughter as well. It’s a blast to see how long you can get these guys to play along until they realize they’re just getting f’ed with.