j r0kk or oven guy...Lincoln impinger II gas vs. elec

would there be any difference in the finished product using a Lincoln impinger II gas vs. electric. I know you had told me there would be difference in a deck oven, but how about in a conveyor…
we do NY style


Tom Lehman seems to think there’s no noticeable difference. In my experience however, I must admit I have seen a difference. It seems as though the electric ovens produce a crisper crust vs. the gas. Also, electric in the long run is more expensive to operate than gas.

Another difference, at least here in Colorado, is that you can run two stacked electric impingers without an exhaust hood. With gas you need a hood no matter what.

Bodegahwy - where are you in CO? What’s the name of your shop? I’m out there a couple times a year and would like to check out the operation of a fellow think tanker.

Thats interesting, the national building code calls for a hood over pizza ovens be they Electric, gas, wood fired or what ever.

The basic object of food service ventelation is to remove the cooking or baking vapors that are produced no matter what the heat source. The removal of heat is a factor also. The older and many current Gas ovens do not burn a large percentage of the gas and that in the case of gas units needs to be removed.

There is a difference in baking with gas or electric. Gas when burning or that is combining with oxiygen moisture is produced. Electric heat produces a bit dryer product. Almost all professional bakers prefer Gas.

Electric heating units do not have th instant response to calls for more heat that gas fired units have.

Electric units cost more to opperate

George Mills

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he basic object of food service ventelation is to remove the cooking or baking vapors

The word is ventilation my goof

Hello slice,Word of advice,if at all possible stay away from the electric ovens for many reasons.Unless that is your only choice,do to no gas at that particular spot.But even then I would look into propane which I have at my store.Electric is just extremely expensive in every aspect of the business.