j rokk flyering in a mobile home

what is the ruling on mobile homes
My manager got a call from a manger from a close trailor park that we flyred and she said we are not allowed.
whats the difference? my lot is public, they have public streets just as I do.
can they really keep me out?
on another note 2 of my employees live in this mobile home and they tell me that the manager CONSTANTLY leaves notes in there mailboxes
hmmm not legal…

Most mobile home communities have a “No Soliciting” policy. Some enforce this policy and some don’t. You might be in a good situation however if the comunity in question is strict on this code. Because they don’t let anyone doorhang in this community, I’d like to consider it “untapped” territory because NOBODY is allowed to doorhang in there, including your competition.
Go to the manager of the community and bribe him/her with pizza in exchange for putting flyers into their monthly newsletter, or better yet… monthly rent notice. You might actually be in a good situation. You’ve just got to figure out how to massage the system to get what you want.


We had the same problem here doorhanging in a mobile park near us. The manger kicked us out but we offered him a free pizza delivered to his unit, and he told us that he would put our flyers/menus in the clubhouse. We ended up getting 3 or 4 regulars out of it.

We had a similar situation as well. We just talked to the manager, gave him some free pizza and told him that if anyone in the park complained we would skip over their home the next time through. He was able to live with that solution. Just as long as the residents weren’t bitching to him he really didn’t care.

Now how many other pizza places would just say ‘ok’ and never go back ? That’s exactly what I count on.

Most apartments or trailer parks have a no soliciting sign posted right next to their no tresspassing sign. How confrontational do you want to get? Doorhanging isn’t soliciting, you’re just exercising your right to freedom of speech. Are you really asking someone to purchase, or handing out free literature? If you really want to be confrontational, continue doorhanging, knowing the only recourse they have is to call the police and have a tresspass warant put on the individual if they are still on the property when the police arrive.

One of our stores owners pushed this so far for so long that our town passed a “no handbills” law that fines places that doorhang. This law will likely be challenged in court, but it still sucks for the time being.

If you push to far, the only recourse will be new ordinances. They can (and often will) go so far as deeming your flyer/doorhanger as prima facia evidence of having violated the law. Be assertive, be aggressive, but know when enough is enough. BTW, the odrinance itself gets to define what is and is not soliciting . . . then the judge gets second choice . . . we don’t get a voice until after those two are done.

Get in and negotiate with the ‘gatekeeper’ of wherever you are going. Being continuously openly confrontational or oppositional will end up in the long run being a bad thing. You can almost always get some sort of agreement if you use diplomacy and some of your great food :slight_smile:

trust me when I say that these people are NOT going to waiver?
my sole point was when I was buildng my shop I had to get permits for the drive a s I was I got involved with a discussion With the individual that said I was going from a private drive to public access.
2. They can not arrest this individual for tresspassing as he has more rights to be there than anyone because he lives in this particular unit.
I feel its no different than people recieving mail or the news paper.
they have “friends” of the manager who constantanly go around and asking if you want your lawn mowed or your home power washed…
let me tell you this is a 400 unit home section that is south of my shop, not many people know I am there.
I am going to write a letter today explaining these points and if they give me any grief, I am going to buy a costume and have someone stand at the entrance (THE CITY RIGHT OF WAY) and stop each tenant and pass out a handout,
lastly I am going to give my employees 10.00 for each note that she puts in the mail box…after they call the postal inspector to report abuse…how about here walking this unit now!

I really do think you might be going down a dangerous road. Marketing and gettnig word out about your store should be about you, your store and what your business is about. If you end up wandering too far down the confrontational/argumentative trail, your message could get skewed or misrepresented and backfire completely. Getting creative and strategically pushing the envelope is one thing, but it seems possible you may be wandering into emotional responses that could backfire.

Really, I want to suggest you focus on your marketing and finding alternative ways to get your message to the customers. P*ssing matches most often end up with both contestants being moistened and smelling funny.

Some possiblly useful perspectives from where I am reading (pssibly not useful):

  1. Manager breaking postal policy is not license for you to break
    some other laws as a result. If he/she is breaking the law, the inform parties to enforce.

  2. If you are ending up splitting hairs about private property rights and end up getting an attorney to haggle about ownership versus leasehold rights regarding flyers and marketing, then you may be heading down a dark path away form getting your business in good light with customers.

  3. Freedom of speech is ONLY regards to government infringement, and the 1st amendment cannot force a priovate property owner to allow you to put your marketing materials in their property.

  4. The manager’s “friends” obviously have the blessing of management . . . which does not obligate management to bless you also.

  5. City Rights of Way are restricted in many jurisdictions (like ours). Please do check local ordinances about using them for private advertising use prior to getting citations for violating any unknown laws. Do it as a sort of hypothetical question.

if its only a few hundred addresses just mail them in the post - ok it costs a bit more but 400 ain;t going to reak the bank and avoids all the agro/time/stress etc etc etc…