Still looking for a pizza oven for your new place? I’ll bet you could get this one CHEAP!!!

That looks like one heavy dayum oven.

reminds me of the 1st CTX oven I bought off ebay - poorly packed (strapped 2 pallet on wheels)…

looked like the fork-lift driver ran it into a big pole - put a big V into the conveyor framing, on both decks…shipper didn’t see anything wrong w/it…

Best deal I ever got on ebay was a Lincoln X-2 being sold as insurance salvage. Brand new being shipped from factory and wasn’t strapped in the truck. Rolled around on its castors bouncing like a pinball. Some cosmetic dents and dented conveyor platforms. Still using the oven today.

I got a stack of lincoln 1000’s at an auction for $70.00 Couldn’t pass them up. I still have them in storage hoping I can use them some day for a second location.


Doesn’t get any better than that! Hopefully, you’re not paying for storage. Otherwise it could end up being a fairly expensive set of ovens after a few years.