japanese/asian pizza owner??

Anyone out there in East Asia who might can help me find an inexpensive kimono/yukata fairly soon? Needed for a man of some size (me). I am looking at $85 plus shipping for anything I find in West Coast USA. looking for less expensive option, if one available. Need it for a theatrical costume.

Wouldn’t you be better suited as a Sumo wrestler ???
:smiley: :twisted:


Would seeing me in a giant diaper make YOU hungry for pizza? Or anything else??

Hi Nick,
I’m in Japan. Let me see if I can find you something cheap. How tall are you? I assume any color is OK…

Oh please NO. I was only kidding. Don’t threaten to punish me with talk like that :oops:


Dave that just gave me a nasty flash back to our discussion of my -40 compared to your +40 temps and you only being able to take off so much clothes where I could always add more :lol:

Yeah and me taking it all off [b]IS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT