Japanese bread crumbs

has anyone used Japaneses bread crumbs in there calzones to make them not as soggy? If so does it effect the taste at all? Thanks

I’ve never had soggy 'zones…after you form them, do you put some slits in the top 2 let the steam escape? If you are using a conveyor, you need 2 put in 9 or 10 cuts…

I don’t think Japanese bread crumbs would help any, I think it would just add to the problem. As far as taste I don’t know how it would be effected, but I’m almost positive it would be. As with any sealed type of Pastry/baked item you need to cut small slits so that it can breathe and so that the steam can escape. That is why your calzones are soggy.

Cutting slits is very important but beware of hurting the visual appearance
Japnaese crumbs do not change the flavor profile as far as I have seen. Precooking your veggies will help.

panko bread crumbs for a calzone? good-golly, no!
make sure you are coiking them at a hot enough temp. also, try deep frying them instead. they are called a Panzorati. much tastier.

as jack would say… just trust me on this, i’ll explain later

Try leaving the sauce out. Make a sauceless one, poke it with a fork 4 times, and then spoodle the sauce on the top.