Jeff Ward, Hunter, other experts. PMQ Chat needs you!!!

While the PMQ chat is doing great, getting a good group on almost a nightly basis, we need to have a guest speaker once in a while. Jeff, you could obviously answer a slew of POS questions, and lead an informative discussion, without it becoming a sales pitch. You do well answering on the Think Tank like this. Would you be interested in joining us in the chatroom? Hunter, how bout leading a discussion of about webites? Maybe get PJ if he still works with PMQ, some advertising guru… The possibilities are endless. I love the open chats on a regular basis, but i think a directed chat to one topic from time to time could really help the community.

I would love to. What time are the chats? I need to schedule my participation because my evenings are a bit of a whirlwind.

We start around 10pm, and we chat until everyone goes to bed. Paul and I were in there until 2am last night. I finally called it quits and hit the sack, but few west coast guys showed up so who knows how late it went.

and girl!

That’s almost as bad as this.

Is that 10 Central? I could do an hour at that time. Us software moguls gotta get up early.


That was 10 EST. But 10PM Central you would still catch the bulk of us.

10:00 Eastern is 8:00 in Arizona. Even better!

Do you have a formal or informal leader? Let’s get the event on the calendar and I’d be happy to attend.

I had a hard time looking away from that spiderman dance, I scared myself.

“Take me to your informal leader !”

Jeff our big chat nights are Monday and Wednesday. Just less us know what day you can make it and we’ll be sure to get the word out and get it organized.