Jeff Zeak - Chunky Sauce

I have tried the Jeff Zeak Chunky Sauce recipe from the video through the Pizza Tv Link. I was wondering if anyone could provide some clarification on the exact ratio of the Spice mix and the Cheese blend he uses in the sauce? Im making the sauce from scratch and want to make sure i have the spices and cheeses in a correct ratio. I have done a few test runs so far and have been happy with the sauce so far, but am always striving for the best tasting slice i can get!

Thanks for any feedback!

AussiePizzaMan :slight_smile:

This might be a wierd question but I have been wanting to know. What kind of spice do you guys use? I have been playing with the idea to get a good pizza spice to add, currently I just basil and oregano tomato sause and add in other basic ingrediants. Would like my sause to sing a little more.

Current Recipe: (scaled down)

8oz Tomato Sause
6 oz Tomato Paste
1 tbls Oregano
1 tsp Basil
1 tsb Garlic powder
1 tbls Honey
1 tsp Parmessian

Hello all,

Thank you for your interest in the sauce formulation. Below is the formulation that was used in the video.


Ingredients OUNCES GRAMS
Tomato Puree1 1-#10 can (107 ounces each) 1-#10 can (3033 grams each)
Ground Unpeeled Pear Tomat1/2-#10 can(105 ounces) 1/2-#10 can c (2977 grams each)
Strips of Peeled Tomatoes1/2-#10 cans (102 ounces each) 1/2-#10 can
(2891 grams each)
Olive Oil 4 ounces 114 grams
Salt 1.33 ounces 38 grams
Minced Onion (dry) 0.83 ounces 24 grams
Oregano 0.18 ounces 5 grams
Black Pepper 0.25 ounces 7 grams
Parmesan Cheese 3 ounces 85 grams
Romano Cheese 1 ounces 28 grams
Water 21 ounces (1 pint + 5 ounces) 604 grams

If sauce is too thick, you may add water to thin out to desired consistency.

Directions: Add all ingredients together and mix until well blended. This sauce should not be precooked. Refrigerate, and use as needed. Sauce will keep for several days under refrigeration.

Note: Do not use an aluminum container for storing pizza sauce.


Jeff Zeak

  1. Why DRY minced onion? I am not fond of the flavor, but is it for ease of use? Is fresh onion a problem with additional water contribution?

  2. Is the Oregano dried as well? I think Tom was looking into dry versus fresh as it affects heartburn. Didn’t he say he avoided heartburn by simply using fresh? (Trying to remember his comments.)