Jesus image on pizza stones!

Ok… I am sure quite a few have read the article on the PMQ homepage about the guy that found an image of Jesus on an old oven stone that he saved from his out of business pizza shop. Ok…Ok…we always find Jesus in everything and everywhere…I want to see the image of TOM on a pizza stone or somewhere. Now that would be the pizza find of the century and quite the story!!! :shock:

We haven’t seen any holy figures yet, but we did find a smiley face in a green pepper.

You know the thing that puzzles me about these “images” is who really knows what Jesus looked like?

I think of the photos of my father,my uncles, my brothers and me at various times in life.There are pictures that are hard to determine who the subject is. Could it be that people are just looking for an interesting way to get attention?

So if I am reading this correctly… Tom might actually look like Jesus? Even better… Tom might look like a smiley face green pepper! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tom does have an engaging smile for sure.