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I am sure that you are getting tired of this one… but as a home pizza maker trying to find that “best” pizza ever by trying other’s dough recipes… we were intrigued by John Arena’s post on PMQ… can you please just post what the actual weights would be for each of his ingredients to achieve this must have recipe… seems like everyone has a different take on his use the dough as a 100% … for us it seems to get foggy from there… Thank You!

We usually use about 3lbs of flour when we get together as a group…

If you are talking about this video

100% flour
62% water
1% oil
2% salt
0.25% yeast

Using 3lb of flour you would use (by weight) 1.8lbs of water, 0.48oz of oil, 0.98oz of salt and 0.12oz of yeast

Are you familiar with working in bakers percent?
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Thank You Daddio!!

No I am not…

Break out you calculator as you will be using it.
To change a formula into bakers percent divide the weight of the ingredient by the weight of the flour and multiply by 100. Note: Flour weight and ingredient weight must be in the same weight units (pounds, ounces, grams, etc.). Example: flour is 500-grams: salt is 10-grams: 10 divided by 500 X 100 = 2 (2%). Flour is ALWAYS 100%. Do this for each ingredient and you have your dough amounts in bakers percent.
Why bakers percent? Because when you have the dough amounts in bakers percent you can very easily manipulate the size of the dough (this is just one of many advantages to having a dough shown in bakers percent).
To change bakers percent into ingredient weights the first thing you need to do is to decide how much flour you want to use, then enter the flour weight in your calculator, press “X” and enter the bakers percent for the ingredient of the ingredient you want the weight for, then press “%” and read the ingredient weight in the display window. The ingredient weight will be in the same weight units that the flour was shown in.
Example: you want to use 16-ounces of flour and the formula calls for 0.4% instant dry yeast (IDY). Enter 16 into the calculator, then press “X” and enter 0.4 then press the “%” key and read the answer in the display window. Do this for each ingredient and you have your new dough formula correctly sized for the amount of flour you selected.
16 X 0.4 (press the “%” key) and read 0.064-ounces in the display window. If you want your ingredient weights in grams (easier to use when making small doughs) just show the flour weight in grams (16-ounces = 454-grams)
454 X 0.4 (press the “%” key) and read 1.816-grams IDY in the display window.
There are also some programs that will do this for you, all you need to do is to give your dough formula in bakers percent, enter the flour weight you want to use and the program does the rest for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Its nice video to make pizza.
This video clears every step for making pizza with all descriptions.
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