joys of being independent

since losing all my employees and "86"ing a friend that wanted to help, it is just me now, until the new year when try another crew.
making a 17 pound flour batch of dough in the morning, selling the 25 or so pizzas during the day, taking in around $300, and enjoying the fresh dough concept
…one of the joys of being independent

at least keeping the place open, and enjoying being less stressful, not having to deal with employees for now.

if I had a corporate contract to fullfil, would not be good now

…wishing you all success in your goals,

take care, make good pizza, and stay in touch,


Years ago a friend of mine ran a pizza place in a bar…He worked by himself and was open from 9pm to 2am Tues toi Sat…Did quite well for a few years…With a captive audience he could charge higher than street prices…I think his food cost was under 25% and he paid 12% of his sales for rent and utlities…His space was about the size of a walkin closet and he bought everything already prepped…Sometimes small and simple can be good…

…I could see how that would work
it’s just trying to multiply a plan that works that is the difficult part,

OTIS, just throwing this out there but there is a bar/restuarant here in town. they werent selling enough food to keep up with liquor requirements so they have contracted me to do there menu looks prosperous maybe you can look that avenue for now

I’d love to entertain an idea like that…
2 bars with restaurants are doing well now…
maybe I should find someone who wants to open a bar and collaborate with them,

thanks for the idea,