js250 middleby marshall, 20 quart hobart mixer (ohio)

Middleby Marshall js250, hobart 20quart mixer, stanley knight 110" makeline.

I need minimum $3500 on the js250 to get me out of it’s lease.

The makeline is a monster, has a small pin-sized hole in one of the compressor hoses (can be fixed with JB Weld), and does need recharged, but other than that works fine.

The mixer is awesome. Like brand new. Paid $1200 for.

I have a limited amount of smallwares available too…hot bags, cambro pans, pizza screens…

The location I moved into went into and rented from foreclosed two weeks before my open date, and now several months later I’m walking away from the whole sha-bang.

Any reasonable offer will be considered.

Thank you.