July 4th sales

Just wanted to post our July Fourth sales results as I know many of the think tankers were on the fence on whether to open or not. We ended up slightly more than 25% down tonight than our average for Friday this year and a few hundred less than our slowest friday for the year thus far. Thursday on the other hand more than made up for our slow friday, and we are still on pace to beat our average week so far this year. For the others that opened, please post results.

Down over 50% - surprising because last year July 4 sales were about 10% above norm. Of course, last year the 4th was Wed (no 3 day weekend) - I’m sure A LOT of people left town for the weekend; most likely will get my A$$ kicked on Sunday when they get back.

It seems our Thursday was more like a Friday for us. We were slow all of yesterday,we sent half of the night crew home. I think we barely made enough to pay the employees and electric bill. We should’ve went with our first gut reaction and closed.

we were closed.

phone call reports showed 74 calls all day from 49 different numbers. there were some people who called up to 4 times throughout the night, just checking, I guess.

the last 2 fridays, recorded 215, and 241 calls, respectively, resulting in orders.

We only did $750 a typical Friday is between $2000-$2500.

I guess in the future I will close no matter what day of the week if falls on.

About 50% of a normal Friday. Thursday was a normal Thursday. Today (Saturday) is much slower than normal so far - as I expected. Everyone went out of town.

I did sell 17 ice creams yesterday though… :slight_smile:

we closed shop but did set up in park for after parade festiveties stayed through 11:00 pm band started at 8:00 got alot of our bbq in peoples bellies and flyers in there hands that along with our new tv ad that started on thursday and radio ads and postcards going out next week hope to see the numbers start climbing. :smiley:

Lunch was slow…only 11 tickets (we’re dine-in/co only). Dinner more than made up for it…ended the day with sales equal to every other friday.

We closed, but we had only 28 calls on Caller ID for the entire day. 18 were regular customers, 5 lazy customers, and 5 new numbers.

Our Thursday was about 30% above normal. The park where they do the fireworks display is directly across from our store, so we get a lot of people in the parking lot watching fireworks. We didn’t get as much from it as we expected, but we did have quite a bit of C/O business. Deliveries were up also.

Today is slow, as expected, but we’re hoping it will pick up around 5 today as people start coming inside. Of course, tomorrow afternoon and night should be good as they’re coming home from their long weekend and the last thing they want to do is cook dinner. :smiley:

thurs very good.closed the fourth,missed 8 calls
today has been very good so far

We were closed. Thursday was over 2k which was around 45% above norm. Had 29 different callers on ID friday even with the weather being nice so it was a good move to be closed. The employees who worked today were gratefull to have the 4th off and sales today were normal but moral was very high.

Did your kids do their lemonade stand?

Our main location tried to be open after a disgraceful lunch they closed. Our lunch there was 10% a normal Friday.
Our second location was closed, we were doing clean up and such for the sale of the building. At one point we thought someone turned the ringer off because the phone wasn’t ringing. :shock:

yes they set up they didnt do as good as before there was a church giving free bottles of water ,sno cones and hot dogs dang do gooders :roll: they still did about 300.00 and at the end when the band started they were sellin cups empty for a 25cents for the people to get there adult bevereges in :smiley: all went well and had a good time caller id said we missed 17 calls.

Yeah, likewise we only cleared about $800 on the 4th. Down from a typical Friday of between $2000-$2200. Thursday was strong but Saturday was also really weak.

$300…is $300 & Fun is Always Fun…the 25 cent empty cup sales, thinking like this, your kids will never starve. Sounds like another Awesome 4th for a hardworking family.

Open on Friday. We essentially switched thurs and fri sales, and sat and sunday sales. So the week ended up about 10%

July 4th was down about 70% from a regular Friday for us. But the rest of the days of the week made up for it. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday were very strong.

After losing the Friday, we still ended up having a slightly better than average week.

I’ll still open again next year for July 4th. We had a skeleton crew in and at least made a few hundred dollars on the day.

Just want to thank everyone for reporting their results for the 4th. Makes me feel a little less crazy.