July is going great.....

Last night, on the 22nd, we passed last year’s total July sales with 9 days still to go! We are on track for an all time record July. Our 12th anniversary of being open for business is next week on Tuesday.

Nice to have things looking up!

Anyone want to buy a pizza place in a ski resort?

Our July has been up over last year, but HOLY COW FOOD COST WHY IS MY BOTTOM LINE IN RED!?!

First price increase on package deals, pizzas and sides in about two years coming to a college campus near you this August.

We’re up 18% for July so far and the last two weeks have been consequtive record weeks taking weekly sales up into a $0000 bracket for on the third time, each being bigger than the previous. With tonight to go for the week we look like hitting it again, but not quite as big as the past two weeks.
Finally now are we starting to bank some money rather than just pay the bills.

Update and correction to what I predicted for the week. Sunday was a record sales - to Saturday levels - and gave us a new record sales week. My once a month Sunday off and they set a record - need to take more Sundays off :slight_smile:
Just hope it keeps going.

“My once a month Sunday off and they set a record - need to take more Sundays off”

There is a great lesson there. Clearly you have a solid crew that can keep the wheels on for a busy night without you there.

Do that more often and use the time you free up to concentrate on growing the business or finding ways to improve costs. It will pay back more than the wages you save by staying in the kitchen. You will also receive a sanity dividend!

You take credit cards?

Sure Nick… you got one of those fancy black amex’s with the beveled edges that weighs about 3X what any other credit card weighs and does not bend? That should cover it!