jump starting sunday sales!!!

in our old building we were open 4 - 7 and did fair carry out only in our new building with dine in we are open 11 - 4 hoping for the church crowd but sales are flat our other days have 3 and 4 times our old sales but sunday is stale :frowning: any ideas guys promos etc should i do a special like all you can eat spagetti just dont know.

WHEN you figure it out. Let me know. I’ve never been able to crack the Sunday church crowd either. We tried for about 2 months and moved back to our previous hours of 3pm until 9:30pm

Same here. We first tried the 12:00 - 9:00 hours but changed them to 3:00 - 9:00 after a while. We figured out that the Sunday church crowd is looking for a Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel style “breakfast for lunch” meal. The idea of pizza right after church did not appeal to enough people. Besides, as a Christian, I believe in allowing myself and my employees to be able to go to church ourselves on Sunday morning, so the 3:00 opening means that we don’t need to get there until 2:00, instead of 11:00 in the morning.

We’re closed on Sunday…solved that problem!!!

My Christian partner will be tasked with drumming up business from the churches. We are hoping for some catering as well as dine in.

Well we are closed on Sunday but what if you had a fundraiser each Sunday.

Church 1 first Sunday
Church 2 2nd
Church 3 3rd
Church 4 4th

You could donate 10% of total dine in ticket (before tax) to the church. Churches are always in need of funds for vacation bible school, awanas, youth, organ fund, building fund, bus fund etc. I would go personally and talk to the pastors.

I know many think man…10% every week but I am sure you will make that back…

I go to a pretty big church and we all go out to eat afterwards…every week.