Jumping Back in to Pizza

Owned a pizzeria some 30 years ago at the age of 25, was a owner with no partners so worked my 80 hour weeks for three years and decided to sell , worked in several restaurants after for a few Years and decided to go to wall Street to get away from the long hours and start a family. Worked on wall street for 19 Years and with all the electronic Trading systems and bussiness changes on the STREET!! it is Time for a change my kids are 15, and 17 and I am thinking of Getting back into the Pizza bussiness. so I am here to see what has changed in the last 18 years and to get some thoughts from the Pizza Gurus of Today!! Thank You and going to check out the PMQ Forum ,see you there!!

Welcome to the Think Tank. It might be worth your time to head to Pizza Expo in Las Vegas next week.