Wish us well…My husband & I are opening a 2200 sq ft dine in/take out restaurant tomorrow. We have a manager who knows the pizza side and I know the business & marketing side. We are at a busy exit off of I-10 in a busy Southern town. The previous owner let the business run down and we got in for a VERY LOW investment. I ran all the numbers and figured if we do the same that he was doing we’ll break even. If we use our marketing plan and draw more sales, get involved with schools, youth groups, etc. we’ll do well. I have learned alot from this website just in the few times I’ve visited. Thanks for being there. I know I will need help & advise (understatement) in the future. Wish us luck…

where are you opening at

good luck

good luck!!! u already have luck anyhow you found this website b4 u started :wink:

Sounds like you’re opening in my home state (I grew up in Hammond). If you need any help, feel free to ask.


I wish you the BEST of luck. You are getting into a very busy and difficult business. Key sentence - the Manager knows the pizza side. Put all that savy business experience on the side when appropriate, act like a sponge and learn every aspect of that “pizza side”.

You have excellent ideas with your targets but its only the true picture when YOU run and understand every aspect of your business. Get ready to rumble!