Just a little sympathy needed :)

Hey all-

I broke my foot a month ago - my RIGHT foot! - and have been laid up…BORED outta my mind! We actually had to close 3 hours early the first Friday nite after my injury due to confusion as I normally run the register, get orders, drinks and run the dining rooms… so the guys were over whelmed!!

It’s gotten better, but hubby is missing me there! He comes and gets me when he can to go and do office work, but that’s about all I can do right now.

Just wanted a place to vent…crawling up and down stairs, washing my hair in the sink, watching daytime TV, and not driving is adding up to a massive case of CABIN FEVER!!!

Thanks for listening!! :frowning:

aww, sorry to hear that! I almost cut the end of my thumb off on Friday, and the chaos was insane, didnt know how much I kept things in order till I couldnt be there! Thank goodness I was only gone a couple of hours! It must be driving you nuts. Hope you are feeling better, when are you going to be able to get back to it? Cant you still answer the phones and run till though? At least it would get you outta the house.

This is the place to vent.

We are all ears. That’s why we are funny shapes.

In all seriousness, I dread an accident happening to me such as yours, especially with our employment problems we currently have.

Hope all gets on the mend soon.


I feel your pain. A couple of years ago I had a complete break of my ankle. I was laid up and on crutches for a few months and it was no fun!!! I definitely know what you’re going through. Just taking a shower was a chore. You have to balance on one leg and after a few minutes it starts to cramp up on you. I know what you mean about the stairs too. My bedroom was upstairs, so I always had to throw my crutches up there and then sit on the stairs backwards and scoot one step at a time. I’m sure your about ready to toss those crutches out as well!

I know what you mean about the cabin fever as well. For the first few weeks I had to lay on the couch all day icing and elevating my ankle. I can remember getting all excited to just ride along with my wife to the gas station. Just getting outside for the first time in weeks was great.

The situation is frustrating right now for you, but 6 months from now you’ll be laughing about it. Keep your spirits up!

Thanks for all the well wishes… Roger, I hear you about the ride to the gas station… when I get to go “bye byes” I get all excited!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes… Roger, I hear you about the ride to the gas station… when I get to go “bye byes” I get all excited!!!

Do you stick your head out the window and let the wind rush through your hair?? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I could … that is let the wind rush through my hair - I have none. :frowning:


I would figure being by the beack, you’d get lots of wind . . . .

thats not so bad…i just had low back surgery in may. you talk about shitty…and im only 24. i did not work for a long time

on a positive note, my wife had to miss a friday and REALLY showed me how much she contributes…I know your husband probably knows it but I gaurentee this reinforces what a team you two are!

It DID reinforce it :smiley:

You never miss what you have till it’s not there! He appreciates me more now and can’t wait till I get back! I’m sure I’ll get on his nerves within a week after that, but being missed was worth it :lol:

Not planning to have my wife in the store. She’s a wonderful woman, but man does she like to rule the roost. She stays on the other side of the counter to preserve our marriage. Well, maybe a private office visit during the day every once in awhile.