Just a plug for the folks at XLT ovens

This is just a brief note on the value of that one thing we can offer over any of the competition…SERVICE.

12:30PM on a Saturday afternoon, smack dab in the middle of lunch service and our XLT3255 decides to shut down. A quick check of the breaker box, a glance at the owners manuals, and a call to the folks at XKT. The call was answered on the second ring and I was assured a tech would return my call promptly. I walked from the office to the kitchen and RING!

Come on, 12:30PM on a Saturday and I got an oven technician to return a call. Sweet. I hope all the other companies are as good, but I KNOW that XLT is.

BTW…a simple relay that had somehow vibrated itself just far enough out of socket to lose contact…quick fix and we didn’t miss a pie.