just a question?

Am I making some errors when using this forum? When I log in I always check remember me but a couple of returns and am asked to log in again. Also when I go to post something I most always am given a message invalid session several times before the posting is accepted.

Not complaining, the form is worth the effort but, I wonder if this is common or am I doing something to cause this?

George Mills

I also get the error messages, mainly when I use AOL. Not sure what the difference is.

I’m no IT expert but I think this is something to do with how your computer stores ‘cookies’. These are id files stored on your computer that the site will look for to check if you’ve visited before and they allow sites to identify you/your computer.

  • So the first time you click ‘remember me’ it saves a ‘pmq’ cookie on your machine with an id that will identify/remember you.
  • the next time you in it looks for a pmq cookie and if it finds it then it looks for the id and hey presto it knows its you.

Some browsers allow you to clear out cookies after each session so ‘remember me’ never works.

I think AOL does it slightly differently but the principle is the same. Other problems may cause similar problems but I’ll wait for some IT geek :lol: to but in and tell me how wrong I am!


Whats your record? It took me nine times to post one today. And yes, I use aol and my security software deletes cookies.