Just a reminder, this company is a complete FRAUD!!!!!

I posted about this company about 6 months ago, but wanted to remind all the think tankers to NOT do business with this company. NATIONAL HOTEL GUIDES is a company that claims to put your menu on channel guides in hotel rooms. If you do business with them, you will get ripped off. Despite any post I put on PMQ, or any other forum, he is still preying on unsuspecting pizza owners and stealing their money from Florida, to South Carolina, to Virginia, to Ohio. If they claim you can pay them upon delivery of your stands to the hotels, they will deliver 25% of them to the hotels, cash your check, and be gone before you realize that 200 room hotel only got 50 stands. Do yourself a favor and don’t do business with Mark Walters from National Hotel Guides and if he comes in trying to sell you, please post it here so I can warn others in your area. I’ll forward a link to this post to his email: nationalhotelguides@gmail.com and see if he would like to respond.