Just a vent

Sorry, but sometimes I have to vent and it feels better to vent to people that may understand.

Why do customers suspect that we/I steal from our employees. I personally run about 20-30 deliveries a week and I answer probably 30 percent of our calls. I get asked several times every week “If I put the tip in the check(or on the credit card) will the driver get it or does the owner/store keep it?” On deliveries I get told “I put a tip in there, make sure you get that” or “Make sure they don’t keep it”.
I got that question in 3 phone calls in a row last night and it really bothered me. I talked to my workers last night and they all get that all the time too. It does not really bother them because the accusation is not being made about them but me. I really resent the implication that I would steal from my people. Does this happen to anyone else?

not all the time, but yes, I think we all get this question.

If there is a doubt, then pay cash. or give a cash tip!

I wouldn’t take it personally. I always leave 99% of tips as cash but I check if I leave them as card that they go to the set server.

Maybe you should have ‘all tips are passed to the server/driver’ printed somewhere visible to customers i.e. menu etc if it is that much of a concern to you?

I thought this was a thread about a way to keep pizza from getting soggy in a box. Sorry.

Maybe i should have titled it “Just a rant”

Gosh, you mean you don’t cheat and mistreat your staff? What’s the point of being the owner if you can’t be “the boss”? :shock:

I wouldn’t take it personally Rick, I don’t think they are saying it impying that you would steal it. I think they are implying that they know they can’t get cash back from a check or CC sale, but want to make sure the driver can get a cash tip from that type of sale.

I think people say it in order for the people on the phone to realize they are going to tip. Without a doubt, knowing a tip is involved effects the way food is prepared and delivered. (Not saying it is the way it should be but it is the way it is) For example we have a guy who comes in to take out and he always leaves the cooks 10 bucks. The cooks trample each other to not only make the order but take the order out to him.