Just an idea

I am in a fairly new location and have been struggling with my new building especially for an adult lunch. I keep having people say we are not noticeable or they just forget about us. I am in a new strip mall, very busy road- anyways I ordered some of those flags off of the internet and just a couple of other pizza items I found on Ebay. I have been putting everything up and I tell you-within 24 hours I think this alone has probably brought in at least an xtra 300. Between dinner last night and lunch today I have had so many walk ins. I love the ones that are stopping just to grab menus too! I never realized just a little thing to get attention is doing so great. (so far) I also had everyone park up front so we looked very busy. Total cost was about 70.00 anyone that might not have enough signage out front- I am very pleased with the flags blowin in the wind.

we use a 24x36" sign held by a crew member that says “Fastest Lunch in Town”…we are off a very busy street as well…people never new we were there…

I am thinking of getting a 15 ft inflatable blimp that you attach a banner too.
will keep you informed how it works, will put a special offer on it and track it thru POS

Congrats on the success!

What was the site you ordered your flags from?

Sounds like an attention-getter. My city has an ordinance that restricts the use of such things as they tend to distract drivers on the roads. Go figure. We’ll find something interesting to grab attention, though.

First off, I think I was the 1st one to call you Brandy, and I’ve been meaning to say, soooorrryyy.
That’s good news that those things are working for you! We bought one of those sidewalk signs on ebay, and put our daily specials on it, and we had great response with it. We even had a lot of people mention how they re-discovered the place when they drove by and noticed the sign. Only problem is, nobody likes taking the time to switch the lettering daily. We’ve used the “look busy” aproach too, we’ll invite friends & family to come on down and have lunch on us and hang out fro a while. It’s amazing how that affects people when they drive by!
Tom R

I’m going to respond to both Tom and Kay on this one:

We’ve used the “look busy” aproach too, we’ll invite friends & family to come on down and have lunch on us and hang out fro a while. It’s amazing how that affects people when they drive by!

When I first opened my shop here in Junction City, I instructed every employee to park their cars across the street so we’d have plenty of parking for dine in customers. What it actually did was make the shope look “not as busy” and after the first few weeks of business, seldomly did we fill the dining room with customers. I then instructed the employees to park in our lot, but in the back so that customers would still be able to park in the front, which still didn’t do too much for customer perception.

One day, after being opened for a couple months with almost no dine in business at all, I noticed a group of electricians come into the store for lunch, then more people followed after that, then more after that until the dining room was filled to capacity. Later that day the same scenario occurred when somebody came into the restaurant.

I couldn’t explain it, but it seemed like when there were zero cars in the parking lot, that trend usually continued. Whenever two or three cars were in the lot, my place filled up (I’ve only got seating for 24). I put two and two together and came to realize that people in general are followers. They don’t want to be the first one there for some reason. I have no idea why. However, whenever I have cars out front I get more and more dine in business.

With that being said, can you believe I still haven’t instructed my crew to park in front of the store? They still park in the back and though dine in business has picked up, it’s still not filled to capacity most nights. Maybe I should stop being so hard-headed and get them to park up front. -j_r0kk

I ordered everything off ebay- real cheap.