Just Curious

How does a business with a wood burning oven deal with the smoke issue? With all the environmental concerns I was just wondering how they get around it.

Well . . . , buy carbon credits of course. In fact, if you really want to be clever, do what Al Gore did. Create your own carbon credit company and buy it from yourself.


RE: Gore’s carbon credit company. He must be making a lot of hay out of this then given that I hear his house uses more energy than a large number of homes (cannot remember the number but it was big). Then there is the big jet he travels around in that burns a ton of fuel. Kinda like do as I say and not as I do methinks.

If I remember correctly he uses something like $13,000 a month for his utilities at his “house!” My last restaurant was in the neighborhood of $5,000 a month, and just to put things into perspective it was a 6,000 square foot sports bar with tons and tons of AC, televisions, and neon signs!

Last add note–carbon credits. From what I have read he (Gore) has a piece of at least two other companies who are making big bucks from carbon credits and other related issues. Why does all of this have a familiar odor to it?

Burning clean dry wood should eliminate a lot of the problems you could have from a wood burning oven. You should check with your local authorities as a first step though. Between the health department and the fire department you probably have your hands pretty well tied with what you can and can’t do in terms of ventilation, chimney/hood vents.