Just decided to go on-line with Prism/Microworks

After turning the idea around in my mind for a while, I decided today to add on-line ordering. We have been using Prism/Microworks now for 11 years and are happy customers. A couple of years ago we added integrated CC processing and are happy with how that has worked. Support for all these years has been great.

Timeline for adding the on-line sales is relaxed as we are winding up our busy season in the next four weeks, so I gave them Memorial Day weekend as the time frame to be fully up and running with on-line ordering. I guess we will shoot for a week or so before that to give it slow start before we promote it.

I know several of you all do this already with varying results.

So… I will keep you all posted with how the process goes.

We went online with microworks in November and it has been extremely easy. Only doing 4-5% of our sales online at this time but I am sure that will grow over time. Microworks took care of a few menu glitches right away and our average ticket online is definitely higher. You’re only regret will be that you waited this long to start!