Just for laughs

I thought you all might need a chuckle this evening so I am sharing what happened today.
Some of our delivery area is rural but we have never had this happen before. A driver went to house of a regular customer that lives off the road a ways, When she got to the address the gate was closed. This is common at this house and the customer has told our drivers to go ahead and open the gate if it is closed. Tonight the driver opened the gate, carrying a $30.00 pizza order and as she closed the gate behind her she hit the fence adjacent to the gate. It was electrified. SHe got three or four good pulses, screamed and tossed the pizza straight up into the air. To bad there is no video. The fence actually dvides our customers yard from the adjacent field and a herd of goats enjoyed our pizza. It cost us a remake of the order but did lighten things up in the shop tonight.

You know Rick this will not be taken lightly by the delivery drivers union around here. Making light of the near-death situation should be criminal. I would suggest you triple her sub-min wages and buy her a new car. Also, 3-4 months of paid vacation will be needed to recover from the metal stress she will now carry everytime she approaches a house with a fence or gate. Just a side note…I would stay away from electric hybrids… enough said! :shock:

You forgot the aircraft carrier as well :mrgreen:

You guys are soooooo funny. See me laughing. Ha. Ha. Ha. :expressionless:

Instead of the vacation time, new car, etc., perhaps the OP should charge the driver for the mishandled food and dock her pay for the time it took her to re-deliver it. :roll:

It’s a crying shame that people would laugh at another’s misfortune, especially at someone who is trying to making YOU money.

My God, the lack of empathy toward drivers from you guys is just appalling.

PPG, lighten up. Maybe you are not familiar with rural life? Hitting an electric fence by accident and getting a jolt is a humerous thing whether a pizza driver or just someone walking to the fence to have a look at the horses. It happens to most people who live in the country at one time or another. The image of the pizza flying through the air… well that is a good one. This has nothing to do with empathy.

Obviously the first question was “Are you OK” when she said yes, of course I offered the chance to go home and change her drawers if she needed to, on the clock, at well above the legal minimum wage. We also laughed about my some having to drop an order, do a 50 yard dash and jump a fence in order to get away from a couple of dogs, after we knew he was OK. I guess we are all relatively happy people because we can laugh at our misfortunes, yes she was laughing too. Her new nickname is SPARKY.

Knowing a lot about these types of “electric” fences as I have installed many a mile of them for horses and cattle… I think Rick should take a field trip and show the staff the yellow isolators and the hot wires. Also would recommend the “everyone holds hands and the first person grabs the hot wire trick!” This is always good for a laugh as the last person takes the full hit! Caution: Rick make sure you leave those with pacemakers out of the “hands” thingy!

For those that are not familiar with these units they are fairly low voltage and pulse the live wires every few seconds. It does nothing more than tell the animal or delivery driver “hey…you getting too close!” Horses and cows can walk right through these lines and never look back. It is just the little shock that gets them to change course. Yes, the image of this happening was a good laugh and I am sure Rick will now include in all employee orientations. CAUTION: YOU MAY BE ELECTROCUTED!!! :shock: