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I usually look at customer complaints as a golden opportunity to learn something about my store and to hopefully make a customer for life but a recent call from a customer who says he will never step foot into my store again has me perplexed. I sponsor a local adult co-ed softball team. They are mostly made up of teachers from a middle school. The problem is that one night the customer was with his kid(s) watching the game when at the end of the game the two teams got into a “discussion” and the f-bomb wax used. The ref threw both guys out, one from each team, and the game ended. Now here is what the customer posted on my fb page "I’m guessing you will take it down, but I wanted to know that there were quite a few people there, and I will be sure to share with my neighbors the poor behavior and sportsmanship that the Rudino’s team showed and what they represented you stand for.

Don’t delete it. Take a deep breath and maybe even sleep on it. Answer his postings with all positives on how you sponsor these teams and by no means condone what was said. I appreciate you as being a valued customer. I did make contact with the players and it was appoligized for. I take great pride in the food we send out, our employee’s and other outside organizations that we sponsor for a good cause. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Something like that

I just went through a similar situation.

good luck


Sounds like that person thinks that the team is made up of your employees.

I’d make it clear that you simply sponsor the team, and that they are not your employees. And that you will carefully review the events and you in no way condone what was said.

I’d make sure that the team knows that you will withdraw your sponsorship if something like this happens again.

I am on board with RG on this one. Keep the comment up and just reaffirm that you support the community with sponsorships like this and that you by no means condone the actions or words that were said and that you will have a discussion with the team, who are not your employees, and will make sure they understand that they do represent you as a company when they wear your name on their clothing. The other thing is… having played on a number of co-ed softball and volleyball teams… they were always more of an adult outing with drinking and most the people just out having a good time. A stress relief of sorts. There was always that one or two teams that really took the whole competitive thing little too far… and more than once I have witnessed language and actions that are less than desireable… so maybe not the perfect place too take the “kids” out for the evening. Just a thought! :idea: