Just noticed a way to save a little money for Facebook ads

This may have already been touched in the other facebook thread, but that thing got so massive, it’s hard to remember.

I was setting up ads for individual daily specials to run through the weekend, and noticed that the pricing depends on the day you create the ad, not the day you run it. I’ve almost always made my ads the morning of the day I wanted to run it, so I never noticed. I’m going to have to watch it to see what days are cheaper, but Tuesdays are definitely at least 30% cheaper than Thursday and Fridays.

Cheaper how? There is no way to know what the ad actually costs until it runs since it is a bid system. Are you just looking at the suggested bid amount?

I have run over 100 ads with roughly 6,000,000 total impressions. I don’t think there is any difference based on when the ad is created.

I have bid as much as 10X the suggested amount. When I do that my ave cost does go up because I am out bidding some other bidders, but the amount it goes up is something on the order of 10 cents per 1000. For example, if the suggested bid is 55 cents, I might bid $2.00. If I do, the cost will generally come in around 60 cents. If I bid $5.00 the cost will come in around 65 cents. On the 55 cent bid, with the geo and demo limits I place on the ad, I will get 15,000 impressions per day. At $2.00 I will get $25,000. At $5.00 I will get 35,000. That is where the variation comes in, not with the day I create the ad.

There is variation according to the day the ad runs or if I cut off the ad at dinner time etc.