just ordered Point of Success.....printer help please

I just ordered Point of Success, does anyone have recommendations on which receipt or label printers to buy…and any good sources where I can get them used other than e-bay

also, any feedback or tips on getting the menu set-up and getting the whole thing up and running…


I am using Epson printers I have the thermal printers at the till and a dot matrix in the kitchen. Thermal paper + oily fingers = Lost information on the slip.
Here is one on ebay like what I have.
http://cgi.ebay.ca/EPSON-TM-T88III-POS- … dZViewItem

I’m guessing you already read the info on Point of Success website on supported printers and such, so I won’t post that here. I can tell you that some computer discount stores online sell equipment new for really reduced prices. Sometimes they are last year’s model, but I’ve done well in my home office that way.

www.newegg.com is one source that has touch screen monitors and the printers we need. Sometimes at big discounts, depending on what they have in stock.

For setting up the menu I highly recommend the training CD it will save you time and headaches.

My question is something along the lines of the menu programming and stuff. Can I build the menu file on a computer at my home office and move it to the online computer at the restaurant? I anticipate getting the software ahead of the time I get the network set up at the shop . . . to enable me to spend time setting up and configuring the whole interface, menu, etc. before loading into the shop for live usage.

My intuition says that this is exactly what one should do, and part of the functionality I would want. I’m just confirming with you Point of Success Masters.

Yes you can build the menu on one computer then transfer it to the server. You would have to check with Jeff and the gang to know exactly which files you need to copy. I make sure I have an up to date backup before I make any changes.

I, too, just switched to Pt. of Success from Foodman…you have 30 days b4 it makes you register the s/w…then you can xfer to another & register…

Epson thermal printers rule…I got a couple on ebay for $100+ - I know of some Samsung ones (rebadged epsons) that might go for $100/per…

buy the CD training manual - well worth it, 'specially when doing “Super” buttons (a neat trick on POS)

Yes it can be done and it’s easy to do! http://pointofsuccess.mykb.com/Article_67665.aspx

I got an Epson TM-T88IV printer for the driver dispatch station. I got a Zebra LP2844 barcode printer, both from eBay.

Epson TM-T88IV…$220
Zebra LP2844…$120


i switched over to point of success in april and went with the star printer. i got it through posworld.com. they were familiar with point of success and what printers work with it. i am very happy with my star which i got because they didn’t have the epson in stock in the right color i wanted. they carry all kinds of printers and other pos goodies, and i definitely recommend them.