Just Pizza???

was wondering who just does Pizza products i.e. breadsticks, Cheesesticks

and not any other items like pasta, sandwiches, or salads

and how its working out for you :?:

We have pizza, wings, a few products made from our pizza dough and a couple dessert items but no sandwiches, pasta, salad ect. Works for us but we have large numbers of people in our area so we don’t need everyone that orders delivery ordering from us. It works for us because it allows us to be efficient and keep great delivery times when the busy periods come. There’s probably 25 places here that you can get a salad delivered from, am I really going to be able to offer a better one than all the others?

So when someone wants a pizza and a salad you can guarantee they’ll just go to your competition to order one? I’m not sure you’re looking at that the right way. It’s not like they’re going to order from two separate businesses to complete one meal.

Our salad is on the menu and that’s about it, 80/20 mix with tomatoes, green pepper, and topped with an ounce of mozz and we sell about 30-40 a month and that’s not without even really trying. We buy the smaller bags to keep down on waste. Wouldn’t be that hard to incorporate onto a menu.

It all depends on your market. I have two stores, one in a small town(2500) and one in a bigger market. Both stores selling the exact same wings and the small town store sales 150 pounds plus per week, and the big market store dropped wings last month due to the fact we were selling 1 or 2 orders a week.


We have on our menu pizza, wings, cheese bread, drinks, and cinnamon sticks. Works for us. I think pizzaduo nailed it…depends on your market. We tried adding salad and pasta to our menu but dropped them due to low sales. Our focus now is on specialty pizzas that you can not get from the big three. It is working great for us in our small community.

Right now we are doing pizza only, garlic strips and a sugar pie. we are getting ready to get a freezer so we can get other things in…wings, make our own meatballs etc.

We do specialty pizzas, mostly focusing on local ingredients, and super high quality in a market that consists predominantly of standard sysco type fare. No wings. No pasta, no fryer, but we do offer some small plates that consist of seasonal vegetables from local farms, artisan local cheeses, charcuterie made from local heirloom hogs, and porchetta…that sort of thing. But we’re a scratch kitchen and kind of an oddity. But it is working well for us so far.