Just sharing my recent portioning experience

We’ve struggled with portioning for a long time. I’ve tried different methods (stadium cups, scales, etc). However, in March, we just went back to measuring cups. We put signs up showing how many cups for each pizza and, more important, how the cup should look (level not full). One poster shows an overflowing cup and a level cup and states the difference is $1100 per month.

We had one meeting at the first of March to explain using level cups.

I have pretty astonishing results in the first two months:

Previous 6 months cheese cost as a % of revenue: 7.82
March & April cheese cost as a % of revenue: 5.7

Thats more than 2 points to my bottom line if it holds up. I am flabbergasted by how easy it was after having tried so many complicated ideas. Anyway, just thought I’d share a positive story from my never-ending journey in the human resources/marketing/babysitting business :slight_smile:

Patrick Cuezze
Next Door Pizza

Where’s the like button? I am going to make posters too!!!