Just so everybody knows (a stupid little vent)

If you dump lettuce, artichoke hearts, remanats of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, steak etc. etc into the sink, the water stops flowing down the drain. I thought this was common knowledge but apparently I am some sort of genius for realizing this since nobody else in my circle (except my wife) seems to comprehend this. Wife is a genius too, but that is obvious since she married me. I’m just sayin

I have a rocket scientist that dumped bacon grease down the drain followed by cold water so it wouldn’t melt the plastic drain pipes. Top that one :stuck_out_tongue:

When I first took over the shop the drivers use to take out the strainer on the drain outlet of the sink so water could flush out quicker and they wouldn’t have to clean out the dregs remaining. Took everything including dishcloths, spoons, forks etc.
Try expaining to the plumber when he comes to unblock the drainage system how half the kitchen’s dispensables end up blocking the drain pipes.
And the biggest dumbarse driver I ever had who never cleared the sink before emptying is now a TEACHER !!!


Rick & Daddio… I would like to offer the services of my brother-in-law that is an engineer for Insinkerator. Sounds like you both have employees that need disposed of! Oh, what a pun! :lol:

Edit: Offer open to Dave also! 8)

Yet the tiniest crack or flaw in a official drain plug will allow all the water run out in an instant…

There is a saying here in the frozen wastelands of Canada. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.
Those who can’t teach, teach physical education.

As you are all aware NASA is scrapping the space shuttle program. The reason behind this is not a lack of funding. We pizza operators have hired all the rocket scientists to work in our kitchens.

Here in Western Asutralia we have a common name for our drivers who do stupid things like described above … Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

I have one for you all. In one of my former pizzerias, the tiles were in bad need to be re-grouted. I have a company come in overnight and the floors turned out remarkable. Best work I have ever seen.

BUT, over the next few days we had tons of water pressure issues in the building, especially in the restrooms. Turns out, if while working with a cement product, if you pour the discards down the mop sink in the back, it will not end well for the restaurant.

They had to break ground and cut out the drain pipes going into the parking lot. 4 days of no water, so no business. But the tiles looked great.

“Here’s your sign…”!

WOW! At least the grout lines looked good! :wink: I hope they had great insurance for that one!

and this just showed up on my facebook newsfeed

This is so sad…Please put this in your status if you know or are related to someone who suffers from stupidity. People need to understand that stupidity is real and should be taken seriously. You could be sitting next to a stupid person right now. There is still no known cure for stupidity and sympathy does not help. But we can raise awareness! 93% won’t repost this because they don’t know how to copy and paste.

3 months of “investigations” to make sure it could not have been restaurant related.